A young woman stands in a snowy landscape, wearing celtic warrior outfit and holding a sword aloft, gazing at the camera.If you've struggled with setting and maintaining boundaries, please know that it's not your fault and it's not a character flaw.

You are not weak. 

Old systems of oppression - the patriarchy, colonialism, and unfettered capitalism - do not want you having strong, healthy boundaries. 

So the messages of 'not good enough' and 'don't belong here' were installed in all of us from Day 1.

And until we find ways to release those old systems in our heads - we're basically doing the patriarchy's work for it. 

Which is obviously not ideal!

The good news? You can absolutely learn to set and maintain good boundaries, AND you have allies you can call upon to make it much, much easier. 

This mini-course will introduce you to those allies, making it so much easier to say 'no' when you want to - and 'yes' as well. It taps into a post-patriarchy view of ancient knowledge, and there's even a little neuroscience woven into the mix. 

You're going to love it AND the other humans in your life will too.

Lesson 1 - meet the three powerful allies designed to support the creation and management of your perfect-for-you boundaries, and explore a revolutionary approach that the patriarchy definitely does NOT want you to know! (Video and audio options)

Lesson 2 - my specially designed meditation lets you meet your own unique inner boundaries ally, one you may never have known you even have! - so you can build a potent, supportive relationship with it 
Plus two bonus resources to support your journey, because doing life-changing work is not a five-minute operation.

The more support, the better!

  • Bonus 1: Astrology 101 - optional insight you can use to go deeper
  • Bonus 2: Soothe the CS Beast - a proven tool to aid feelings of safety, if this work feels a little like it's rattling your nervous system

I'm your host, Janette Dalgliesh

As a transformational life coach and a student of human culture, brain science and planetary magic, I know how to help people recover from toxic, zombified lives, and pivot to the indescribable joy of living authentically as your true Self.

This mini-class on how to make it soooooo much easier to set and maintain strong, healthy boundaries was created as part of my year-long coaching program inspired by planetary magic and the wonderful field of Jungian astrology.

If you'd like to know more about me, feel free to head on over to my website for more info.
Let's go, mighty one!

Full course just $30 USD

  • Lesson 1 - life-changing teaching
  • Lesson 2 - guided meditation 
  • Lesson 3 - two bonus resources

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